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How Intelligent Automation Tools Build Better Customer Relationships in Financial Services

With the prospect of reaching billions of new customers, banks and a widening array of non-banks have begun to offer digital financial services for financially excluded and underserved populations, building on the digital approaches that have been used for years to improve access channels for those already served by the formal financial sector.

  Bridging the Customer Experience Gap

System operational models are creating internal efficiencies and inflating costs. By integrating customer lifecycle and customer relationship management processes and systems, your financial services firm can benefit from greater internal operational efficiencies and tighter end-to-end customer journey orchestration that translates directly into better external customer experiences.

Here’s where to start:

  • Optimize the Customer Data Journey

Customer experience is built on data. The easy flow of that data to relevant stakeholders and systems will provide insights that make the customer journey more engaging, beneficial, and seamless. For customer-facing teams to provide the best onboarding experience possible, it’s critical for them to have a holistic view of customers’ activities across different channels and across the organization.

  • Streamline KYC Onboarding

By connecting customer-facing and internal systems, your financial institution can further deploy a distributed compliance model to automate customer due diligence processes and relieve the KYC compliance burden. This means that the onus of compliance and data collection is shared fairly across the organization. With this integrated model, front-line staff can complete initial customer due diligence tasks that do not require specialist knowledge within their CRM experience.

  • Deliver Enterprise-Wide Process Visibility

Perhaps the best part of integrating CRM and CLM solutions is the increased transparency across the end-to-end customer journey and the visibility into each customer case. By building integration on an API-rich framework that promotes straight through processing, financial firms can alleviate pressure from employees and manage risk by exception.


By integrating CRM and CLM solutions and connecting operational functions, your financial organization can abolish the siloes that exist around functional data and systems. Doing so will allow your organization to improve transparency across the customer journey and visibility into individual customer cases, enabling customer-facing teams to fully manage and monitor every on boarding case with complete oversight from compliance.

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