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How Automation Testing Is Enabling DevOps: Quick Overview

DevOps marries the process of operations and development together to enable faster software development, testing, and deployment subsequently. It increases efficiency, reduces time-to-market, and helps in delivering robust software products. However, you cannot reap the benefits of DevOps without leveraging automation testing.

Here is how automation testing has emerged as a boon for DevOps projects.

  • Test Data

Managing complex data is one of the critical tasks for digital assurance solutions. It has become crucial to manage good quality to ensure high-quality delivery. Teams can build an asset by modeling and managing real-world data.

  • Environment Management

Management of different environments in a software development project can quickly become a gigantic task. It might need one or two dedicated engineers to manage the environment efficiently.

When DevOps projects leverage automation, it enables the engineers to become more efficient while reducing manual efforts for repeated processes. It allows the team to build infrastructure and do environment tooling that enables the provision to stand up and deploy multiple environments with a click of a button.

  • Test Management

Test management efforts can become cumbersome and the efforts made would gradually become frustrating. And handling different environments is just a very tiny part of the test management of a large test case.

  • Test Coverage

Efficient and tight coordination with the delivery team can help enterprises ensure reliable testing of the software. The result of coordination also helps in avoiding the duplication of test coverage. Reduction of duplication can ensure that more expensive and resource-intensive tests can be done on focusing specific concerns.

  • Wrapping Up

Test automation is not as easy as it seems. It involves a considerable amount of investment to gather tools, infrastructures, and qualified resources. Also, teams need to optimize themselves with test requirements and compliance to ensure seamless delivery of flawless applications.

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